First Deposit Match

Open an Account today and we will match your first deposit up to R1 000.

  1. Vegas Bets will match the first deposit amount after signup, up to R1000.00

  2. To be able to cash out the deposit bonus the client will have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The sign up bonus must be claimed within 30 days of sign up
  • To claim your welcome bonus, you need to email with the subject: Welcome Bonus, and state your name and surname so that Vegas Bets can credit your account with the signup bonus amount.
  • The client will have bet at least ten times within a month.
  • The ten bets placed must have a total stake equaling the total of the initial deposit and the bonus... i.e. If the deposit is R1000 and the bonus is R1000. The total stake of the 10 bets must be R2000
  • The ten bets taken to qualify to get the bonus must have a betting odd of at least even money or more, and must be single bets. Multiples do not qualify.
  • Bets taken to qualify to get the bonus must be of a a stake amount that is at least 10% of the bonus amount, i.e. if the bonus is R1000.00 then each bet must be a minimum stake of R100.00. A R1910.00 bet plus 9 bets of R10.00 each would not qualify.
  • Bets taken to qualify for the sign up bonus must be taken on sport and not lucky numbers or lotto numbers of any kind. For clarity, the sign up bonus amount may not be wagered on lucky numbers at all. The bets must have completed and been resulted prior to requesting a withdrawal. Where a match is not played or declared a no bet, the required time must have elapsed before the game is scratched on the system and the cancelled bet will not count towards the bonus promotion.
  1. All bets must be fixed odds. No tote bets allowed.

  2. Vegas Bets management reserves the right to classify bets taken as abusive or irregular play.. An example of abusive / irregular play bets would be including but not limited to: Betting on more than 1 outcome on a single event. Taking more than 1 bet on a single market will be viewed as irregular play. Vegas Bets management will classify those bets as abusive and not award the bonus.

  3. Vegas Bets reserves the right, at their own discretion, to amend, reclaim, cancel or refuse any promotion.

  4. This promotion is limited to one sign up bonus per person or per household.

  5. If a single person opens up multiple accounts to claim more than one signup bonus, Vegas Bets reserves the right to cancel the account and cancel all the bets on that account.

  6. Vegas Bets reserves the right to withdraw availability of this, or any promotion to any customer or group of customers.

  7. Vegas Bets management decision will be considered final on all or any disputes that may arise from this promotion. No further correspondence will be entered into.