Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus - first deposit match Open an Account today and we will match your first deposit up to R1000 with free bets.

  1. Vegas Bets will match your first deposit amount with free bets after signup, up to R1000

  2. To claim your welcome bonus, you need to email info@vegasbets.co.za within one month of your first deposit and before taking any bets, with the subject: Welcome Bonus, and state your name and surname so that Vegas Bets can credit your account with a non-withdrawable betting credit amount equal to your first deposit.

  3. The client must bet at least five times the amount of the bonus, before any withdrawal can be made from their Vegas Bets account. Eg: If your initial deposit is R100 and you receive a bonus of R100, the bets must have a total stake of minimum R500 (5 x R100 bonus). Until the first deposit bonus conditions have been met, all bets will be limited to a maximum win as follows: 1. Single bets to R1000 and 2. Multiple bets to R5000

  4. A minimum of 5 (five) bets need to be placed using the bonus to qualify for withdrawal.

  5. The five bets taken to qualify to get the bonus must have a betting odd of at least 7/10

  6. The five bets must be taken on ante-post sports events. No tote bets, lotto and any in-running bets.

  7. The bets must have completed and been resulted/finalized on your Vegas Bets betting account prior to requesting a withdrawal.

  8. Where a match is not played or declared a no bet, the required time must have elapsed before the game is scratched on the system and the cancelled bet will not count towards the bonus promotion.

  9. Only 1 bet per match will count towards the promotion. If more than one market is taken on a match, then only the first bet will be considered as a qualifying bet.

  10. When requesting a withdrawal, provided the terms and conditions of this promotion have been met, you will only be paid out on winnings accumulated using your bonus amount, and the original bonus amount received will be deducted from your account. After this deduction, the remaining funds can be paid out. Should you play through your registration bonus, taking your account down to a 0 (Zero) balance, any deposits thereafter will be considered as new deposits and may be withdrawn at your own discretion.

  11. This promotion is limited to one sign up bonus per person, per household, per phone number, per address, per bank account or per IP address.

  12. If a single person opens up multiple accounts to claim more than one signup bonus, Vegas Bets reserves the right to cancel the account and cancel all the bets on that account.

  13. Vegas Bets management reserves the right to classify any bets taken as abusive or irregular play. An example of abusive / irregular play bets would be including but not limited to: Betting on more than 1 outcome on a single event, even across more than one betting account or a group of customers, where it would therefore be not possible to lose, if any term is breached or if there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to the deposit bonus or promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, Vegas Bets then reserves the right to reclaim the bonus element of such offers and with the absolute discretion of Vegas Bets either settle bets at the correct prevailing odds, void free bets or any bets funded by deposit bonus. Vegas bets reserve the right to charge an admin fee to the customer to cover any admin expenses.

  14. Vegas Bets reserves the right at their own discretion to amend, reclaim, cancel, refuse or withdraw availability of any promotion to any customer or group of customers.

  15. Unresolved disputes can be referred to the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.